Younger Recap: Who Knows Liza's Secret?

Younger Recap: Who Knows Liza's Secret?
At Empirical, Kelsey wants to pitch a book called One Hundred Things Women Think About While Giving a Blowjob. Not surprisingly, the fogies that be, Diana and Charles (Peter … In Brooklyn, Josh texts Liza (still waiting for him at the bar), “sorry …
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Anonymous Mailbag
As soon as we slept together for the very first time, as we were both basking in our respective exploit, she nuzzled into me and asked in an innocuous way: "How many girls have you slept with? … Fast forward five years later: we have never talked …

Lemmy's Death Has Given New Life to the Sunset Strip
At least that was how it felt at Lemmy's favorite hangout, the Rainbow Bar & Grill, where fans and fellow rockers gathered on Saturday to pay tribute to rock & roll's last vampire. "Can I have a Lemmy?" asked a girl who arrived early to watch Lemmy's …
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