The Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Pattaya

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Pattaya

The 19th largest city in the world is divided into Islamic, Cairo Old or Coptic Cairo and Midan Tahrir which is more commonly known as the downtown area.  The seemingly mysterious narrow streets of Coptic Cairo and Islamic Cairo are attractions themselves. A tourist can get lost in the labyrinth of streets intersecting the different sections of the city but the experience could bring the “lost” tourist into a deeper knowledge of Cairo.

Tahrir Square is not only the heart of the City Center but the whole city itself.  This is where you direct a cab driver when you can’t figure out where you are. From the square you can see an oriental-looking building that is the American University.  The Mogamma is a semi-circular government building that houses several government agencies.  This is also where the Museum of Antiquities is located.

The east bank of the Nile is the center of modern-day Cairo. The area has been highly “Europeanized” since mid 19th century. Along the broad streets are apartment building designed in Rococo, Baroque style.  The area was patterned after Haussman’s Renovation in Paris where the street at wide and broad and the façade of each building in complete uniformity in style.

Along Qasr el-Nil Street, Talaat Harb Street, and the Avenue of the 26 July are huge movie posters currently showing in cinemas.  On Thursday nights, both the locals and tourists converge in this area to shop or window-shop. The long broad streets are lined up with department stores, clothes and shoes retails shops, pastry shops, fast-food joints and clubs featuring belly-dancers. Why Thursday? Well for Muslim countries weekends are on Thursdays and Fridays.

Be ready for a cacophony of sound when in the streets of Cairo. The street sellers are not merely their ware as what they say (if you could understand it) would make you realize the wonderful humor of the Egyptians.  The locals seem to enjoy what they do and you can’t help but get caught in the cheerful ambiance. When in Cairo, it is best to stay in a five-star hotel like the Dusit Thani for a hassle-free stay.

The Khan el-Khalili is the best place to look for fantastic items and souvenirs. There are jewelry, rugs, semi-precious stones, Egyptian souvenirs of every kind, copper items and many more available in this long and narrow street.  It is the place to feel the essence of Cairo and feel the wonderful humor of its natives.  One should not miss out a cup of karkade or tea at the Café Fishawy.

Of course a trip to Cairo would not be complete without visiting the Ginza pyramids and Old Cairo. Truth be told, a two-week holiday in Cairo is just not enough.


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