The Holidays Are A Treat at Marin Country Mart

(PRWEB) November 25, 2013

Marin Country Mart has announced a month-long calendar of festive activities for families and adults, featuring holiday treats, music and special events to make the season bright. Beginning November 29 through Christmas Day and beyond, Marin Country Mart welcomes guests to enjoy a delightful program of holiday activities, edibles and music – most of them complimentary – in the Courtyard, shops, eateries or Saturday Farmers’ Market.

Reflecting what a magical time the holidays are for children, many festivities focus on kids. The program of activities includes traditional British-style Punch & Judy shows, ornament making and snowflake making at Poppy Store; children’s story time at DIESEL, A Bookstore; and art workshops, Festival of Lights activities, and wrapping-paper making. Tutu School hosts its Annual Holiday Party, featuring sweet treats from Miette, crafts with Poppy Store, and ballerina photo-ops by the pink Christmas tree. On several occasions, Santa Claus takes time from his busy schedule to visit Marin Country Mart – for complimentary photos with the whole family (the family dog is invited, too!) taken by a professional photographer, and to hear what kids want for Christmas and whether they’ve been naughty or nice.

Grown-ups are sure to enjoy the festivities as well. Hudson Grace features a candle workshop on scenting the home, and DIESEL hosts a presentation on the “Best Book Ever” so adults can buy the ideal book for kids on their gift list. Food and drink is a significant part of the festivities, with holiday bubbly at Erica Tanov, and complimentary treats or special offerings at Miette, Belcampo Meat Co., El Huarache Loco restaurant and Tha Siam Thai restaurant. Rustic Bakery launches Enoteca Thursdays, featuring a changing selection of three appetizers complemented by a glass of wine for $ 12. To begin its month-long holiday celebrations, Marin Country Mart features complimentary latkes, complete with crème fraîche and applesauce or smoked salmon. Marin Brewing Co. offers a $ 3 discount on growlers of its seasonal Hoppy Holidaze Ale on Wednesdays, and a 10% bonus on gift cards all month long.

For visitors young and old, there’s an art workshop for the whole family to make Danish hearts and stars – a Christmas tradition made of woven paper – with the Hot Chocolate Lady, who also offers Angelina Hot Chocolate weekly. Music adds to the festive ambience throughout the month, with Klezmer music to celebrate Hanukkah, and various vocal and instrumental groups to herald Christmas.

On December 14, Marin Country Mart and the Farmers’ Market host their Holiday Celebration. The occasion is full of fun, family-friendly activities – including writing and sending a letter to Santa, complimentary photos and a sing-along with Santa, holiday cookie decorating, children’s entertainment, face painting and pony rides. Adults can enjoy holiday treats and beverages – and peruse the Farmers’ Market selection of delectable foods, holiday greenery, and culinary arts & crafts – many of them great for gifts.

For those less fortunate, Marin Country Mart shares the holiday spirit in two ways – and welcomes others to do the same. First, two Giving Trees at Marin Country Mart (one in Poppy Store and another in Toy Crazy) invite visitors to pick a tag from the tree and give that boy or girl a holiday present, such as toys or clothing. To facilitate this for Marin Country Mart shoppers, gifts can be wrapped at the Marin Country Mart Trading Post and dropped off at Poppy. All contributions for Marin Country Mart’s Giving Tree benefit Children of Shelters, a San Francisco nonprofit organization that provides support and education for children living in or being served by the homeless shelter system. Second, Marin Country Mart holds its Holiday Toy Drive, presented by EcoMom Alliance of Marin. Donations of gently used and new toys are accepted at the Farmers’ Market on December 1 and December 14; collection bins are available under the big Farmers’ Market tent and in the post office. Donations, which need not be wrapped, benefit Marin City Community Services District and Homeward Bound of Marin.

As a special welcome to Bay Area neighbors, San Francisco residents and visitors are invited to take a complimentary ride aboard the Golden Gate Larkspur ferry to visit Marin Country Mart, just steps away from the Larkspur Ferry Terminal. Details on this continuing special promotion and the downloadable ferry ticket are available at:

Come share the holiday spirit at Marin Country Mart!


Fri Nov 29

3 – 6 pm: Festival of Lights Art Workshop, featuring Hanukkah crafts for children

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary Latkes, topped with crème fraîche and applesauce or smoked salmon

Sat Nov 30

12 – 2 pm: Ellis Island Old World Folk Band at the Farmers’ Market

4 – 5 pm: DIESEL: “Best Book Ever” or How to choose great books for children, with refreshments

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary Latkes, topped with crème fraîche and applesauce or smoked salmon

Sun Dec 1

12:30 – 2:30 pm: Orchestra Euphonos, a modern Klezmer ensemble

3 – 4 pm: DIESEL: Jon Agee discusses & signs Little Santa

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary Latkes, topped with crème fraîche and applesauce or smoked salmon

Mon Dec 2

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary Angelina Hot Chocolate

4 – 6 pm: Joshua Smith Duo, holiday jazz

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary Latkes, topped with crème fraîche and applesauce or smoked salmon

4 – 6 pm: El Huarache Loco: Holiday Churros

Tues Dec 3

4 – 6 pm: Jazzukkah, Klezmer jazz

4 – 6 pm: Belcampo: “Sip, Snack & Shop” Meat and Wine pairings

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary Latkes, topped with crème fraîche and applesauce or smoked salmon

Wed Dec 4

12 – 10 pm: Marin Brewing Co.: Hoppy Holidaze Holiday Ale special

3 – 6 pm: Orchestra Euphonos, a modern Klezmer ensemble

3 – 6 pm: Poppy: Festival of Lights Kids’ Art Workshop

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary Latkes, topped with crème fraîche and applesauce or smoked salmon

4 – 6 pm: El Huarache Loco: Holiday Churros

Thu Dec 5

10:30 – 11:30 am: DIESEL: Children’s Story Time with Clare

4 – 6 pm: Tha Siam: Complimentary hot Thai tea

4 – 7 pm: Rustic Bakery: Enoteca Thursday, with Italian holiday music

Fri Dec 6

3 – 5 pm: Miette: Complimentary Eggnog Macarons

4 – 6 pm: Erica Tanov: Holiday Bubbly

5:30 – 8:30 pm: Piro Patton Vibraphone Ensemble with holiday jazz

Sat Dec 7

9 am – 2 pm: Farmers’ Market

10 am – 2 pm: Complimentary photos with Santa

11:30 am – 2:00 pm: Vintage Grass with bluegrass & holiday favorites at the Farmers’ Market

4 – 7 pm: Jamie Findlay Trio

Sun Dec 8

12:30 – 2:30 pm: Jamie Findlay holiday guitar

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary eggnog

Mon Dec 9

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary Angelina Hot Chocolate

4 – 6 pm: Hudson Grace: Scenting the Home, a candle workshop

4 – 6 pm: David Correa Latin Trio

4 – 6 pm: El Huarache Loco: Holiday Churros

Tues Dec 10

4 – 6 pm: Belcampo: “Sip, Snack & Shop” Meat and Wine pairings

4 – 6 pm: Holiday Music

Wed Dec 11

12 – 10 pm: Marin Brewing Co.: Hoppy Holidaze Holiday Ale special

3 – 6 pm: Poppy: Ornament making for kids

3:30 – 4 pm: Poppy: Punch & Judy Holiday Show – traditional British-style fun for the whole family

4 – 6 pm: El Huarache Loco: Holiday Churros

5 – 5:30 pm: Poppy: Punch & Judy Holiday Show – traditional British-style fun for the whole family

Thu Dec 12

10:30 – 11:30 am: DIESEL: Children’s Story Time with Clare

4 – 6 pm: Marin Singers, youth carolers

4 – 6 pm: Tha Siam: Complimentary hot Thai tea

4 – 7 pm: Rustic Bakery: Enoteca Thursday

Fri Dec 13

3 – 5 pm: Miette: Complimentary Eggnog Macarons

4 – 6 pm: Erica Tanov: Holiday Bubbly

5:30 – 8:30 pm: Redwood Tango Ensemble

Sat Dec 14

9 am – 2 pm: Farmers’ Market Holiday Celebration, including writing a letter to Santa and cookie decorating

9:30 – 10:30 am: Kids’ Sing-along with Santa

10 am – 3 pm: Complimentary photos with Santa

11:30 am – 2 pm: Dirty Cello at the Farmers’ Market

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary hot cider

4 – 7 pm: David Correa and Cascada

Sun Dec 15

12:30 – 2:30 pm: The Farm Band, featuring holiday brass

3 – 6 pm: Low Ding Zone, a holiday bell ensemble

3:00 – 4:30 pm: Tutu School: Annual Holiday Party

Mon Dec 16

4 – 6 pm: David Correa Latin Trio

4 – 6 pm: El Huarache Loco: Holiday Churros

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary Angelina Hot Chocolate

Tue Dec 17

4 – 6 pm: Robby Elfman Trio, holiday jazz

4 – 6 pm: Belcampo: “Sip, Snack & Shop” Meat and Wine pairings

Wed Dec 18

12 – 10 pm: Marin Brewing Co.: Hoppy Holidaze Holiday Ale special

3 – 6 pm: Poppy: Snowflake-Making Art Workshop for Kids

4 – 6 pm: El Huarache Loco: Holiday Churros

5 – 7 pm: Erica Tanov: Holiday event, featuring “Found Faces: Sculptural Works by Tali Barr”

Thu Dec 19

10:30 – 11:30 am: DIESEL: Children’s Story Time with Clare

4 – 6 pm: Erica Tanov: Holiday bubbly

3 – 6 pm: Wrapping Paper Workshop for Kids

4 – 6 pm: Tha Siam: Complimentary hot Thai tea

4 – 6 pm: Holiday Music

4 – 7 pm: Rustic Bakery: Enoteca Thursday

Fri Dec 20

3 – 5 pm: Miette: Complimentary Eggnog Macarons

4 – 6 pm: Erica Tanov: Holiday Bubbly

4 – 7 pm: Glass Harp Jazz Trio

Sat Dec 21

9 am – 2 pm: Farmers’ Market

11:30 am – 2 pm: Adam Traum & Friends at the Farmers’ Market

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary hot cider

4 – 6 pm: Douglas Lee Glass Harp, a wine-glass symphony

Sun Dec 22

12:30 – 2:30 pm: Shabang Steel Drum Band, holiday sounds from the Caribbean

3 – 6 pm: Kids’ Art Workshop – Ornament Making

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary eggnog

Mon Dec 23

3:30 – 6 pm: Art Workshop for the whole family: Making Danish Hearts and Stars, with the Hot Chocolate Lady

4 – 6 pm: Complimentary Angelina Hot Chocolate

4 – 6 pm: El Huarache Loco: Holiday Churros

4 – 7 pm: Larry and Carla, holiday hand-bell duet

Tue Dec 24

4 – 6 pm: Holiday Music

4 – 6 pm: Belcampo: “Sip, Snack & Shop” Meat and Wine pairings

Wed Dec 25: Merry Christmas!

Thu Dec 26

10:30 – 11:30 am: DIESEL: Children’s Story Time with Clare

Fri Dec 27

5:30 – 8:30 pm: Stacks Jazz Trio

Sat Dec 28

11:30 am – 2 pm: Wendy DeWitt at the Farmers’ Market

Sun Dec 29

12:30 – 2:30 pm: Folkish Festival

For details on these events, please visit:

Marin Country Mart is located at 2257 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur, CA 94939. There’s lots of free parking. For more information, contact us by phone 415-461-5700, email at PR(at)marincountrymart(dot)com or online at

About Marin Country Mart

In 2009, J.S. Rosenfield & Co. purchased Larkspur Landing, transforming it into Marin Country Mart through extensive upgrades and new retail offerings with independent brands that better reflect the preferences of residents and visitors. The open-air shopping destination, comprised of 12 barn buildings and over 173,000 square feet of space, features appealing boutiques, dining options, services and special events (see purveyors below). Marin Country Mart has two sister venues in Southern California, Brentwood Country Mart and Montecito Country Mart, which are favorites among residents for exceptional shopping and dining. All are conceived with a spirit of community in mind, as lively gathering places that evoke simpler, more gracious times. Inspired by the idea of the village square, Marin Country Mart is a welcoming destination where local residents and visitors enjoy talented artisans and entrepreneurs who ply their trades with pride and skill, in a congenial environment shared with families, neighbors and friends.

For more information or photos, please contact:

James S. Rosenfield

Owner, Marin Country Mart

2257 Larkspur Landing Circle

Larkspur, CA 94939



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