Thai Massage at Phuket Resort and Spa

Thai Massage at Phuket Resort and Spa

Thai massage is Nuat Phaen Boran which literally means “ancient-manner massage”. It is indeed a type of ancient massage as it is believed to have been conceptualized some 2,500 years ago by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, Buddha’s physician.  Originally Ayurvedic in essence it was gradually influenced by traditional Chinese medicine.  For many centuries, Thai massage was only done by Buddhist monks as part of their holistic Thai healing.

Today, Thai massage is considered a branch of Traditional Thai Medicine. It is regulated by the Thai government for the treatment of a various ailments. On the other hand, there is the more popular type of Thai massage done by the non-medical masseuse in spas and treatment centers in resorts.

Thai massage involves a lot of stretching and deep-pressure massages.  Some say it is akin to yoga without the effort. True enough, modern-day Thai massage is sometimes referred to as Thai yoga massage. It is a more energizing and revitalizing form of massage as it incorporates joint mobilization, muscle compression and some form of acupressure during the course of a treatment. A session could last for 1 to 2 hours.

Spas in Thailand offer other services than Thai massage. A client has the option to choose which type of massage he or she wants.  The ideal of all styles of massage is to restore the natural balance of the body for the “Chi” to flow smoothly.  A massage is invigorating. It energizes one’s body and mind.

There a plenty of spas in Phuket that offer great packages.  A sample package will include the following:

Steam/Jacuzzi, Aromatherapy Body Massage, and Facial Treatment. A more expensive package will include: Steam/Jacuzzi, Body Scrub, Aromatherapy Body Massage, Facial Treatment, Manicure & Pedicure/Nail Art.  Prices are highly affordable. The first package is pegged at $ 78 while the super package is converted to $ 132.

For those who seek the medicinal value of a Thai massage, there are spa packages too that offer traditional Thai massage combined with steam/Jacuzzi, body scrub or hot herb bath. The choices are varied. There is a suitable treatment package for each individual.

The top spa resort in Phuket is Banyan Tree Phuket. A sample menu is its 3-hour session signature therapy called the Royal Banyan.  The session begins with a traditional oil-free Thai massage that uses acupressure for lessening muscle tension and improving blood circulation.  An herbal pouch is then used to apply aromatic oil to the body in preparation for the Banyan massage.  What follows next are footbath, lemongrass and cucumber scrub, herbal bath and finally refreshment and a time for relaxation.

A holiday in Phuket is not all about lolling in the sun or elephant trekking or scuba diving and snorkeling or enjoying the legendary night life in Phuket. Spending a day in a spa is a must do activity when in Phulket.

Give yourself an early Christmas present. Book your accommodations to a Phuket resort and spa now. You deserve it.

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