Thai Li Lighting: Come Wind Come Unobstructed Wind Blowing Me – Thai Stand Lighting, Sound Show -

Thai Li Lighting: Come Wind Come Unobstructed Wind Blowing Me – Thai Stand Lighting, Sound Show –
– Lighting, general manager of Xin-Yu Zheng Li’s visit to Thailand
Editor’s Note: Whether watching a show
any, are inseparable from the colorful lights. Often: In addition to the actors into the show, Arena Effect on the performance of colorful gorgeous, are inseparable from the role of light. It can be as strong as dazzling flames; it as a quiet child Wen Wanru Department. It creates a different kind, “Light Language”, you can soothe your mind some of the most flexible, touch the soul of mankind’s most beautiful … …

So, what kind of a group of unsung heroes, in a positive light to explore the mysteries of artistic expression in order to provide for the most perfect expression of what most vividly?

Haitai Li Zhu Xin-Yu Zheng, general manager of the company negotiate with the visiting foreign
Dual role of a decisive battle lakes
Terry light has a dual identity. First of all, it is a specialized in stage, television professionals Dimming Equipment And Lighting Manufacturer, products include two categories, one is to control the system, including the lighting console, silicon case, dimming wardrobe and so on, the other is professional stage lighting products, including spotlights, floodlights, imaging lights. Meanwhile, the domestic market and abroad in different foreign markets division of detail, from design, production, construction, management and sale are fully independent, “the owner wants domestic companies to provide a stage for the design, manufacturing, and construction of a station -service “and therefore, the Thai legislature is also a system integrator. The company set up a design department in 1998, over the years, Thai companies to establish extensive stage experience and innovative design concept, to undertake a large number of domestic lighting design, installation, won praise customers. “Both manufacturers, but also builders, which is Thailand’s double identity established.”

Thai establishment in the design and construction projects abound, there is the Shenzhen Grand Theatre, Arts Centre, Liaoning, Tianjin Grand Theatre, Grand Theatre Magnolia Dongguan, Zhuhai TV Center … …, It is understood that Thailand established firm to undertake projects, is generally larger in the industry, more influential, “Our goal is not to do works to undertake the project, but to large-scale projects through its influence on business channels for our products and engineering Proxy Operators can feel the product quality and comprehensive business management capabilities, while leveraging our design capability, to further improve our distributors in the competitiveness of small and medium projects. “Xin-Yu Zheng says. LED Lighting exhibition

dominate the spotlight 5 29 -6 1 day, Chinese and foreign performing arts equipment technology industry event – the 17th China International Professional Audio? Lighting? Music and Technology (PALMEXPO2008) at the China International Exhibition Center was held. This exhibition, the Thai established by the industry spotlight LED lighting experts and scholars of all ages, to become the focus of discussion.

Thai Li’s booth

Terry Exhibits cover the stage for television lighting control equipment, intelligent network systems, energy efficient and professional stage lighting. Unlike a lot of LED lamps on the market, only to floodlight, staining results. Thai legislation is currently being developed and produced LED spotlight, is able to meet the transfer Jiaoju Guang, beam control with a new type of LED spotlight. “LED lamps on the market today, more often just a lamp, it is only the brightness issue, but if it as a light source to the projection beam, we can not meet the needs of the professional market.” This is exactly the stage TV for the lighting requirements. Currently, the market can achieve this function very little light. This is the advantage of LED spotlights products. Either stage or television, this green, energy-efficient new lighting is essential.

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