Remembering Prince through his female protégés

Remembering Prince through his female protégés
“We pushed each other in many areas, whether it be who dressed the best, whether it be who was going to beat each other at ping-pong or pool,” she told EW in an interview on Friday. They parted ways … As such, the girl group featured was renamed …
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Meet Perry Wayne Ouzts: Racing Machine
He flings one leg over his horse, just like the 20-something babyfaces around him, just like the Pat Days and Victor Espinozas. But Ouzts …. Younger jocks play Ping-Pong, shout at the television, mess around. Ouzts is in … I was thinking, man, that …
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The Most Talented Vaginas On Earth
Cecilia Westbrook, M.D., Ph.D., wondered whether the bacteria in her lady-town could be used to make yogurt, so she isolated a sample and produced a few batches. The results were … During her pat-down, the officer noticed that Archer had a little …
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