Potty Training For Girls

Potty Training For Girls

Once your little girl is showing some signs that she is ready for potty training, you can begin to introduce the idea of using the potty like a “big kid”. Readiness signs include being physically able to climb onto the potty, a period of “dryness” between diaper changes, and awareness and dislike of a wet or soiled diaper.

Start with some potty propaganda-stock your child’s bookshelf with books about potty training. There are books specifically written about using the big kid potty, and books that simply feature the potty as a character or idea. You can also look for potty themed DVD episodes featuring some favorite characters. Disney’s Bear in the Big Blue House and Sesame Street’s Elmo appear in special potty training episodes, available on DVD.

Make a big deal about the potty……without making a big deal about potty training. Bring your child along when you head to the store to purchase a potty. If there are several choices available, let her choose the one she wants, and present it like a gift. Your child will likely be excited about her new potty if she gets to choose it herself.

Switch to cloth training pants during the day. Disposable pull-ups are very convenient, but may not be all that helpful for potty training. Pull-ups absorb wetness a little too well-if your child isn’t fully able to tell when she is wet, or doesn’t feel slightly uncomfortable in a soiled pull-up, it could delay potty training. If you switch to cloth training pants specifically designed for potty training during the day, you could speed the process along. Your little girl will also be excited to wear “big girl” pants-and accidents will be very evident. You may want to keep pull-ups on hand for outings, and to use overnight, but stick to cloth during the daytime at home.

Make the potty part of your child’s daily routine. Have her sit on the potty for a few minutes when she gets up, after meals, and any time she has been “dry” for a few hours. Making the potty a regular part of her day will get her accustomed to the routine, and prompt her to go at the right time. Praise her when she uses the potty, or even when she tries to go.

Don’t make a big deal about accidents, just keep offering the potty, and be patient! Make sure you allow plenty of time for training. If she seems unready, put the potty away for awhile and try again in a few weeks. Your potty training could come to a screeching halt if you try to push her into training before she is ready. Some kids “get it” faster than others, but she will be potty trained eventually!

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