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Relationship talk: The truth about falling in-love with a woman (a man's … You know, a place filled with clubs and bars and beautiful girls. Would you like to know the last time I went … It's better than any 2 minute blowjob, or 5 minutes of mediocre sex, because let's face it guys we […]

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Lastest Chiang Mai Girls News

US wins gold at International Math Olympiad for first time since 1994 More than 100 countries compete in the Olympiad, held this year in Chiang Mai, Thailand. … Although there were no girls on the U.S. squad, two girls ranked among the top 12 competitors in the United States, which Loh called a step in […]

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Lastest Blowjob Bar Girl News

True Detective Recap: Just Because It's “Prestige Television” Doesn't Make It … I didn't love returning to Sad Lady bar (not to be confused with Sad Blowjob bar, very different bar), but I did like Ani and Ray's conversation: Ani's disgust that “nobody fucking cares” about a missing Latina girl and Ray's sad admission that […]

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Lastest Sex In Phuket News

French cop, Korean victims of Pattaya ladyboys They had acted friendly and offered to have sex with him. They embraced him and a short time later walked away. It was about two minutes later he realised a gold necklace and amulat he had worn around his neck for more than 20 years was missing. Read […]

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Lastest Sex In Chiang Mai News

The Beginner's Guide To Couch Surfing "I was offered sex twice and two of my hosts were saying they were hoping to have sex before I had arrived. These were very awkward and humiliating … Jo is living in Chiang Mai and has an awesome travel blog. One of the Couchsurfers she hosted has … Read […]

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