Bar Ice Samui – Tropical Ice Bar in Thailand

On entering Koh Samui's newest and most unique attraction you could have forgiven for believing you will be sharing warm jokes and vodkas with Polar Bears or Eskimos. Bar Ice Samui, the world's first tropical island -7 degree ice bar opened its doors on 15th March 2008 and already the icy temperatures have made it […]

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Introduction to Australian Visa in Thailand

Australia and Thailand maintains a healthy and diplomatic relationship that is further strengthened by the establishment of the Australian-Thailand Institute (ATI). Australians are among Thailand's frequent visitors. Likewise, the number of Thais going to Australia continues to increase. To obtain permission to enter Australia, Thais must first file a formal visa application at the embassy. […]

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Just The Other Day, I Was Called to the ER

Late one night (about 3:00 am), I was on patrol in West Germany, a year before the wall came down. I was making my checks of the local businesses like the Imbiss and kellerbar at the edge of town, when I was asked to respond to the Emergency Room. I was supposed to meet with […]

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Popular Names for Baby Boys

One of the biggest challenges when a new baby boy is born is picking a suitable name for the baby that both parents and the child can live with. Parents nowdays have a lot of options on what and how to choose names for their babies. Baby boy names, just like names for baby girls, […]

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