Lightening strikes again

Lightening strikes again
The controversy over the Thai ad about light and dark skin, which zipped across the world last week, threw up so many questions besides the obvious one about stupid executives of skin-lightening products having too big a marketing budget. … Those of …
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Miss Tiffany's Universe 2016 full of women who were all born men
Sopida is proof of this: unlike the girls who first appeared in the pageant, who were mainly in the entertainment industry, she is a university student in her final year, studying health. For Alisa Phanthusak, the chairman of Miss Tiffany's Universe …
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Thai girl saved from underage brothel by Australia's Destiny Rescue
But Mr Kirwin, who started Destiny Rescue in 2001 after an eye-opening trip to Thailand with his wife and three daughters, said there were tens of thousands more girls to be saved. He said a 'despicable' amount of Australians headed to Thailand for sex …
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The Depraved Joy of Chris Coles and the 'Bangkok Noir'
Not just for the vivid and feverish colors, but the late-night scenes of barflys, sex workers and the “informal economy.” In recent years Coles has painted prolifically and built a … The girls working in the night are like pretty flowers, pretty …
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