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Minnesota Nice and the case of the tall white woman
Among industry insiders, the casting notice for a role on television is called a "breakdown." The term never seemed more fitting than earlier this month, when a prospective TV show called Minnesota Nice posted a very specific casting call for its …
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Most US restaurant meals exceed recommended calories
"What this study shows is that all restaurants are terrible when it comes to providing excessive portions that overfeed people. It's not just fast food but virtually all of them," said Roberts. She is director of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory at the …
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Youth culture and street-style fashion merge at Agenda trade show in Wynwood
Levant hosted the first Agenda Show 13 years ago at a Thai restaurant in California and has now expanded it to cities including Long Beach, Las Vegas and New York with up to 700 exhibitors. Although Miami is the smallest show AGENDA has curated, it …
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