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ESPN's Insane Adam LaRoche Puff Piece Features LaRoche Liberating Sex Slaves
He's one of the stars of the reality TV show Buck Commander, in which he bow-hunts with a couple of ex-ballplayers, two country music singers and one member of the unapologetically redneck Robertson family, they of the Duck Dynasty dynasty. He also …
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Charges of US maid held captive due to 'cultural confusion,' lawyer says
Although doors were not locked, she said she did not run away because she did not speak English and did not know where to go. Her alleged captors took away her passport, she said. The woman said she came to the United States from Dubai, in the United …
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Oscar-winning 'Spotlight' star says reporters deserve praise
A video appearing to show proof of life of some of Nigeria's kidnapped Chibok girls is being aired along with images of tearful parents recognizing their daughters, unheard of since the mass abduction by Boko… A video appearing to show some of …
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