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'Legalising prostitution can save lives'
Durban – “I don't always carry condoms with me because when police arrest us they use the condoms to prove we are sex workers.” It's a common cry among many prostitutes across South Africa who argue that HIV can only be reduced among prostitutes if …
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The long fight for the recognition of sex work
"In Sweden, street prostitution has been shifted indoors, and the number of Thai massage parlours has tripled in Stockholm. In Norway, a report assessing the impact of the legislation recognises that the situation of sex workers is more precarious …
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The truth about cats and dogs (and how they are consumed in South Korea)
Older men often take younger male employees to dog meat restaurants as a way of strengthening the social ties between company workers. These outings often start with a visit to a dog meat restaurant to enhance sexual stamina, followed by a trip to a …
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