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Feet-cleaning fish in south-east Asia: Not worth the risk
The Dermatological Society of Thailand has issued a warning, saying spa operators are putting customers at "great risk". But this hasn't stopped an estimated 4000 operators supplementing massage income with the garra rufa, or "doctor", fish. It's hard …

Troubled marriage a muddle after sex with bar girls in Thailand
I thought it was just the tonic I needed and jumped at the chance, even though I felt a bit guilty about leaving the kids and my wife behind. Thailand is a friendly country and there were plenty of bar girls around our hotel. I had sex with a different …
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Silly mistakes made by rookie tourists revealed
Money seemed to be the key theme of the thread with electricsheep12345 telling a harrowing tale of his friend getting ripped off by a Thai bar girl. "On his first trip to Thailand a friend of a friend fell in love with a Thai bar girl. He's been …

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