Lastest Street Hookers In Thailand News

Religious sisters to expand fight against slavery to 140 nations
Studzinski said the religious sisters working to combat trafficking would go to all lengths to rescue women, often dressing up as prostitutes and going out on the street to integrate themselves into brothels. "These sisters do not trust anyone. They do …
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Why Kuala Lumpur could be on its way to becoming the sex capital of Asia
Massage parlors, brothels, and street walkers can all be found around this area. The sex industry … Foreign prostitutes from China, Burma (Myanmar), Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia have swamped the locals, and now predominate. In addition …
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Watch: This is How a Police Prostitution Sting Works
On a stretch of road near Chicago's O'Hare airport where prostitutes are known to gather, a female undercover officer stands on the corner in full view of a fellow officer, Officer Dan. He's responsible for watching her every move. (The officer's names …
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