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Father engulfed in '8ft fireball' in front of partner and children after
A father-of-three suffered horrific burns after pouring petrol onto a lit barbecue to 'keep it going'. John Woof, 32, doused the grill in petrol from his lawnmower but was immediately engulfed by an 'eight-foot fireball'. His fiancee and friends rushed …
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Happy-ending massage parlours: When filth comes to Karachi DHA
The word 'massage' at such parlours is just a cover up and instead what happens is prostitution behind closed doors. These girls offer you “relaxation” services that start off with a basic full body massage and end “happily” with another set of …
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Who's the scrupulously fair chap in the black?
TOP footie referees are FAIRER these days and less likely to be swayed by home crowds, researchers claimed yesterday. Better training and monitoring at games means they are more impartial. And telly coverage means today's professional refs, such as …
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