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Malaysian envoy gets 9-months detention for indecent assault
Collins said Rizalman's actions were "premeditated", however, Billingsley was not touched in a sexual way and Rizalman had hoped she would agree to sex. "You mistook a smile for a sexual advance, you deliberately followed her and waited outside her …
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Media tycoon Sumner Redstone, 92, steps down at CBS
Manuela Herzer has portrayed the billionaire tycoon in court documents as a "living ghost" obsessed with sex and steak, and out of touch with his surroundings. Redstone has trouble controlling routine bodily functions and grasping significance of what …
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Get a room! Tokyo zoo's bashful pandas try for a baby
In the event the animals do feel compatible, sex is frequently over too quickly to impregnate the female, who is only receptive to the proposition for two or three days a year between February and May. "It's true the females are picky," the zoo …
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