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New Photos Of Possible 'Gilmore Girls' Set Surface Online
Wherever "Gilmore Girls" leads, we'll follow, and from the looks of it we're all headed back to Stars Hollow. Although Warner Bros. and Netflix have yet to officially confirm the much-discussed revival of the beloved WB series, new photos of classic …
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Burger King Will Offer Whoppers With Black Buns
Turns out the rumor about Burger King offering black hamburger buns in U.S. stores is not just a rumor. Starting September 28, the $ 4.99 “Halloween Whopper” will come with a black hamburger bun as a special promotion for Halloween. The buns are baked …
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There's a New Way to Track Santa This Christmas
But once Christmas Eve arrives, the updates shift to reveal the cities that Father Christmas is flying over, with bits of trivia about each place as well. Good little girls and boys with Windows 10 devices can also track the sleigh on Windows Maps. If …
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