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'Affluenza' teen on the run: Arrest warrant issued for missing teen who killed
Now he appears to have vanished just weeks after a video showed him playing beer pong seemingly in violation of his probation. Couch could face up to 10 years in prison if an investigation launched by the district attorney's office determines that he …
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Cleveland Browns vs. Seattle Seahawks
Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel gets the ball off before getting sacked by Seattle Seahawks outside linebacker Bruce Irvin in the first half. Joshua Gunter, Sunday, December 20, 2015. Seattle. Joshua Gunter,

Chris Hemsworth Is A Lady Who Brunches In 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch
"I guess, I just wanted to see if girls still like me," he admits. "Everyone these days keeps talking about Chris Pratt, Ryan Gosling, freaking Liam from 'The Hunger Games.' I just needed to know does anyone find little old C-Hemmy attractive? Am I …
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