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Clayton Snyder drops in to talk 'Second Star' and life after 'Lizzie McGuire
The fact that both of these companies are having these problems, it really is marring what should be a completely transcendent moment in the history of computers because these are I was talking to somebody this weekend about it. VR is the most magical …
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The Trump family town hall was very, very entertaining
T. TRUMP: I think my father, since I've been a little girl, has always just inspired me and had so much faith in me to just be the best person I can be, the best woman I can be. And, you know, every time I speak to him on the phone, whether it be at …
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RuPaul's Drag Race Ru-cap, Episode 5: 'Supermodel Snatch Game'
The most anticipated episode of the season, Snatch Game often separates the women from the ladyboys: it made veritable stars of Jinkx Monsoon, Pandora Boxx and Ben De La Crème. It's easy, you … Hi. So we have four contestants doing the same drag.
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The week that was in Thailand news – 3 April
Their ad with a rather comely maid dropping a bag of crisps into the hiso boss's lap and getting a slap for her trouble caused a lot of national soul searching about domestic violence and stereotypes. … More than could be reversed for the murders and …
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