How to Speed Up Freelancer Article Writing?

How to Speed Up Freelancer Article Writing?

Saving time is one of the most essential factors, especially with a freelance article writer. The faster you can write, the more you can deliver and the more you can earn. Here are some tips for speeding up your writing skill.


Tip 1: Listen to what your customers want. – Very few freelancers can listen actively. Even the professionals make this mistake – they don’t listen to what the clients want! This lead to expensive mistakes because if you deliver inaccurate or inappropriate writing, you end up having to make revisions. You may even lose the customer!


Tip 2: Adopt a writing style that will meet the needs of your customers. – Every writer has a different writing style. You may be tempted to use your preferred writing style for your assignments. But do refrain from doing so. When you listen attentively to your clients, you will find out their needs. Your preferred writing style may not be suitable for all types of writing assignments. For example, a conversational style will not work if you are trying to write a press release. A hyped up style may not work if you are writing articles for article marketing purposes. The lesson here is to be flexible. Adopt a style that works.


Tip 3: Learn to write fast. – Develop a system or process that will help speed up your own writing. As mentioned, being able to write faster is one way to boost your income. The other way is to charge higher fees. But the danger of charging higher fees is that you may end up losing customers to your competitors who offer more competitive pricing. So writing fast can be your winning strategy as a freelancer. By not increasing prices and putting more burden on your clients, you can still deliver more value as compared to your competitors.


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