Home Appliance Chain In The Low Profit Seeking Re-expansion Era Fought Sideline – Home Appliance

Home Appliance Chain In The Low Profit Seeking Re-expansion Era Fought Sideline – Home Appliance
Last weekend, the Yongle Home Appliances YOLO new home Virtual Center in Shanghai opened ……

In the following States United States Fought Real estate Industry, Suning Department Stores, the Yongle Home Appliances into

Home improvement Industry. In China Home appliance chain

Market Competition Increasingly fierce, the Chinese home appliance chain store market, the profits of home appliance chain has made it difficult to continue to maintain a rapid growth. Home appliance retail chain to profit era, China’s home appliance chain market competition will also like

TV And Mobile Markets, the greater significance is fighting for survival, rather than fighting for the development. Home appliance chain enterprises are looking for their own development path, for second degree expansion.

When things reach a certain stage of development would give rise to a certain degree of qualitative change, which is the law of development of things. When the competition to upgrade, intense competition, the enterprise can not blame the competition is brutal. Only the enterprises themselves, as the situation continued to change to change to order to adapt to today’s development environment.

Home appliance chain in these years, although faster than walking, faster than the expansion, perhaps some companies have realized this competition. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning said that in 2002 when the department was already brewing into

Retail . In fact, the retail home appliance chain and department stores also have some complementary. If companies take on the Road, the development will reduce the

Investment Costs and Risk Development easier. Suning into department stores continued their

Operate Manner and direction of electrical flow from the beginning, the development of the electrical manufacturer, and from the home appliance business to set foot in department stores, there are very good between all complement each other. Department stores and appliance chains have very similar operations, the original operation and management can be achieved in the new industry.

Into the real estate industry for the country for the United States, and Suning, compared the country to go sideline the United States is not based on the original expansion. States United States in taking this road, when the real estate or home appliance chain using lean strategies: low price strategy, the strategy of replication appliance chain in real estate. GOME prices may be only in price to attract more consumers.

Rapid expansion, Gome’s strategy has not changed, the country’s ambitions of the United States has not changed even more. “Enclosure” movement not only shows up in the home appliance chain Gome in the real estate industry can be seen.

States United States involved in real estate reference the original national home appliance chain Gome management model to gradually achieve cross-boundary

Brand , Scale and chain operations. Now the country is also doing booming sideline beauty, home appliance chain by sideline to buffer the pressure.

Following the “Boss, the second child” are involved in a sideline, as the home appliance chain’s “son,” it should also be ready to make trouble. Doing sideline is inevitable, the question is to choose to do that line. Paradise at the same time into Jiazhuang Ye, how is the advantage on its own to better, faster development Jiazhuang Ye do?

Many people are connected to the appliance

Locks Skeptical into other industries, competition on the big appliance itself, if the main drag into new industry sectors, then it

Appliance Retail Enterprises will be the test of survival. An industry that, although the appliances became the first to enter Paradise

Home Decoration industry, home appliances Retailers However, a cost of nearly two billion overwhelmed Yongle Home Appliances into Jiazhuang Ye build such large-scale “home improvement big

Marketplace “The operating results difficult to ensure that support the huge investments and large-scale stores.

Home appliance chain’s “second revolution” in the end who can stick to the end, who can properly take the second road, who can better foothold. In the present times, who can survive to the end, who will be the final winner.

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