Creativeness Makes a Rich Freelancer

Creativeness Makes a Rich Freelancer

Writing can make money as much as you want if you know how to make it creative. It’s yourself to be a $ 300-a-hour writer.


That being the case, you certainly can take the journey from making $ 30 an hour to making $ 300 an hour. It’s up to you: how much you want it, and how hard you’re willing to work for it.


Yes, there is that slight catch: you’ll have to work a little harder than you’re working now. When a project manager hires a $ 300-an-hour writer, he’s expecting to get $ 300-an-hour’s worth of value.


The big-money writer is good at what he does, and he didn’t get that way by accident: he studied, he practiced, and he mastered his creativity.


Let’s talk about creativity, because I think that’s at the heart of lucrative professional writing. If you want to earn big, you’ll need to master the basics, and then become creative.


1. To Be Creative, Get in the Habit of Asking Questions


Here’s an excellent technique to kickstart your creativity. Ask yourself a question, and then brainstorm 20 answers.


Write down your question, and then write down 20 answers. Don’t stop until you get to number 20. Your first few answers will be trite, and often you’ll feel like giving up: don’t. Your best answers are usually four answers beyond the point where you thought: “I can’t think of any more.”


You can ask yourself questions about anything at all; use this technique on everything, not just on writing projects.


2. To Be Creative, Master Your Fear of Looking Stupid


Are you scared of looking silly, or even stupid? You’ll need to make a choice between backing down in the face of your fear, or being true to your creative impulse.


The payoff for facing your fear is that you’ll have a lot of fun developing your creative ideas on behalf of your clients.


So there you have it. If you want to become a big money writer, master the basics, and then get creative. You can do it, as long as you believe that you can.


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