Amazing Aussie romance: I married my sperm donor!

Amazing Aussie romance: I married my sperm donor!
In this Woman's Day exclusive, this Melbourne mother tells us she never guessed she'd walk down the aisle with her daughter's biological father. With a delicate crown of … It's not the first time little Leila has been front of the pack. Aminah gave …
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Recent visit confirms deportation fears
Myanmar (MNN) — Hopelessness is rising among refugees in Thailand as threats of deportation loom. According to Vision Beyond Borders (VBB), plans are underway to send thousands of … Mila* is a young girl living in one of the camps along the Thai …
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The 'Uprising' of Nili Block, Israel's Female Kickboxing World Champion
While unable to join a combat unit, for a year and nine months she was still given the chance to serve her country in some capacity as a soldier, with the army giving her time to continue her kickboxing training. Football, however … Without skipping …
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