A Trip To Chiang Mai – Something To Consider

A Trip To Chiang Mai – Something To Consider
Chiang Mai – being in the northern mountainous region of Thailand – unlike the rest of Thailand is cool and sometimes even cold. For Thais who live in the hot and humid south of Thailand, a trip to Chiang Mai is like a trip to the north pole. It is not really cold by western standards but I would advise packing a few sweaters along with those hiking boots.


I mention hiking boots as this region is famed for its hiking trails. Hikes can vary from a short day hike to a hike lasting a few days your choice. Chaing Mai is also well know for the hill tribes that live in the nearby mountain regions. You will also see members of the hill tribes in Chiang Mai most are selling wares but you will fall in love with their wonderful colorful and exotic costumes and those wide eyed innocent smiles.


If hiking is to strenuous then the other option is to hire a car preferably a 4×4 to help with the steep hills and go exploring this beautiful region of Thailand. In fact car hire or prearranged tour trips are the only way to experience this remote region of Thailand.


Most people arrive via airplane from the Bangkok Dun Muang domestic airport; please note this is can change so do check with airline in advance. If you have time the train from Bangkok is an attractive option.


Chiang Mai offers a wide range of accommodation from budget hotels to world class hotels.


Driving Tip : Unlike other parts of Thailand especially Bangkok the roads are not congested and driving is easy be sure to have a good map of the region, these are normally provided by the rental companies but are also available in any large petrol stations in Chaing Mai.


The town itself is quiet but does have an outdoor market which is open every evening, a good selection of pubs and restaurants surround the market area. However do visit the river side region with a good selection of bars that offering first class music and alfresco dining by the riverside.


Driving Tip : Tour guides or drivers can be hired for as little as THB500 per day so let them do the driving wile you relax and enjoy the passing scenery.


Article was compiled by Eamonn Turley who writes for http://www.fastcarhire.co.uk specialized in car rental in Thailand , Malaysia and Australia.

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