A Review of Oasis Spas in Chiang Mai

A Review of Oasis Spas in Chiang Mai

The Oasis Spas are considered as well known spa locations which are well established in Chiang Mai and other parts of Thailand. The Oasis spas have five locations in Thailand: two facilities in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. Here are a review of their Chiang Mai location on July 19, 2010.


I went to the Oasis location near Wat Phra Sing though both locations are equally appealing. Oasis is currently running a promotion, you receive an additional one hour mangosteen body scrub with any two hour signature massage.


The facility is immaculate, with a traditional Lanna style. The reception area is roomy and welcoming with more than adequate staffing. All of the staff seems very well trained and professional.


The spa menu is complete with a variety of massages and treatments including Ayurveda, Thai massage, stone massage, scrubs, wraps, and more. My choice was a two hour hot oil massage preceded by a one hour mangosteen scrub.


A hostess escorted me into a very pleasant garden where I met my therapist, Koy. Koy said that she had been working with Oasis for the past three years. Koy took me to the separate building with a fairly large treatment room and adjacent shower and toilet area. The treatment room was well done with traditional Lanna style furniture and decor. The teak hardwood floors added to the very positive energy of the space. The large shower and changing area has a ceiling that is partially open to the outside. I really like the feeling of being outside when I’m inside.


Koy did the Mangosteen scrub and massage very close to perfection. The mangosteen concoction was warm and it was applied with slow, slightly firm, relaxing strokes. The hostess had described the Hot Oil Massage as relaxing and soothing, and indeed it was. In a past review, I discussed the importance of presence on the part of a massage therapist. Koy had it in abundance. The warm oil was applied with long Swedish style strokes with light to medium depth. It was a deeply relaxing treatment from beginning to end. Sometimes people think that a massage needs to be deep to have therapeutic value. I would disagree, a massage that creates deep relaxation can be very healing. The fact is that all healing is self-healing, but we need to have the correct elements to allow it. Deep relaxation is one of the required elements. This treatment provided that.


The fees at Oasis would be considered moderate by most. This three hour treatment was 3178 THB which is a little less than $ 100 USD. They include a 10% service fee and 7% tax with that price.


Each time I’ve been to Oasis Spas has been a very nice experience and this was no exception. I recommend Oasis Spas. You will find more information about spas in Chiang Mai, Thailand by going to Chiang Mai Spa Reviews.


Visit Chiang Mai Spa Reviews for reviews and a complete Directory of spas in and around Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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